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Founder's Story

I am a prolific home cook who is passionate about bringing extraordinary bold flavors to everyday foods. As someone with a big entrepreneurial spirit and roots in Mexican food culture, I want to incorporate the best of my family’s legacy into some new products that I could share with everyone.

I started homesteading and eventually pursued apiculture because of my innate passion for organically sourced ingredients and rich flavors. The byproducts of my beekeeping endeavors inspired me to experiment with infusing bold spicy flavors with honey's well-loved flavor profile.

"I am not into heat that will hurt you but I want to open up your taste buds to another level."

Raoul Benavides : Founder of Heart Soul Heat

Mexican Culinary Legacy

Raoul's Mexican heritage is the essence of the Heart Soul Heat brand. His restaurateur parents and his confectioner grandparents inspired him to create his beloved Ghost Honey. Raoul has sweet and spicy embedded into his DNA.

His signature hot honey is a 100% American-made condiment. From breakfast waffles and lunch sandwiches to being drizzled over your chicken dinner and even your ice cream dessert, Ghost Honey's distinct and bold flavor goes well with everything.