Founder's Story

Heart Soul Heat is on a mission to change the idea of what 100% American looks and tastes like. Raoul Benavides, Founder & CEO of Heart Soul Heat, is the son of Mexican immigrants. His grandfather Eleno Rodriguez Ochoa started a candy company in Monterrey Mexico in 1940 and is a big inspiration for the brand.

By the year 2045, the US will be made up of a majority of BIPOC people. This change in racial demographics is leading the change in higher spice levels in foods they eat and the demand to be represented in the brands that they purchase from. We see you. Heart Soul Heat is here to inspire you and elevate everyday meals into something really special.

"I am not into heat that will hurt you but I want to open up your taste buds to another level."

Raoul Benavides • Founder & CEO • Heart Soul Heat